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Patterson Habitat for Humanity Gov. Street

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How CADLEO Started?


CADLEO started when Leo Malkin was a Lab Aid at Bergen Community College. Leo's job as a Lab Aid was to assist and mentor students with Autodesk and Adobe software while maintaining a safe working environment for students. Leo then started tutoring on Wyzant (www.wyzant.com) and consistently consulting Cathy F Benson, AIA (cathyfbensonaia.com). In conjunction with Cathy, he provided two renderings for Paterson Habitat for Humanity(www.patersonhabitat.org) which is helping them bring in millions in construction funding for housing projects in Paterson, New Jersey. On Wyzant (www.wyzant.com/Tutors/CADLEO), Leo tutors students across the country and helped on projects as far away as California.



Oscars bar and restaurant proposal


A Few Fun Facts
  • Whether you are a single user or your company is a multi-user firm, we can help you through clash detection issues, Autodesk Navisworks, Visual Design, and Construction issues (VDC), or you need Architectural, Engineering or Interior Design Renderings to sell a project, CADLEO is here to help.

  • We will advise you for the best financial situation for your company going forward with Autodesk packages and the needs of your company with various projects.

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