CADLEO believes fully that Every building must have access for every person, every person should be able to live independently and every person should be able to get off the toilet without the assistance of other people unless necessary. Our consultancy services also offer checks on designs for disability Accessibility above and beyond the ADA code. Eight parking spaces is not enough when you have 400 others. Every building owner must make sure everyone can access there building on every floor that is public. just because you have a ramp leading up to the building does not make the building accessible.

Changes in technology such as the power wheelchair, accessible public transit, And exoskeletons have made the world a much more independently accessible place for people with disabilities, whether temporarily or permanently immobile, have a mental disability that impairs their body or your a mom or dad with three kids and a baby in a carriage who are just trying to get through a door; it is the job of architects and building owners to consider every detail when it comes to making the world a completely accessible and safe place.

CADLEO consultancy services offer not only training in Autodesk and Vectorworks products, but we also provide checks on Accessibility to buildings and bathrooms, cost-effective methods of fixing problems that will leave a building inaccessible, And checks from our Company owner, Leo Malkin.

Leo at current has ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, and since Acquiring a power wheelchair has gained an enormous perspective on the inaccessibility of buildings, the problems with doors that are too heavy and not automatically operated, the problem with not enough parking spaces disability accessible when there are 400 other spaces that healthy people can take and elevators that close too fast. It is the thought of Cathy Benson, aia that doors with the coronavirus outbreak need automation and voice-activation, buildings with stair problems can have a combo stair and lift added (www.sesameaccess.com) to their building and a toilet needs adjustable heights over 25 inches or have a way to lift someone without bringing an accessible device.

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